Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Mom, Kim, and me went to Tucson on Monday to check out the Desert Museum.  I was there once – a long time ago in 1997 – and really enjoyed it.  At the time I was a research technician working on a Mexican Spotted Owl project.  I had left Flagstaff in a snowstorm and met my southern counterparts in Tucson to work up on Mt Lemmon (Catalinas) and then Mt Graham (Pinalenos) for a few days.  One of the guys working in southern Arizona used to work at the Desert Museum and took us there one day while it was snowing and impassable up on Mt Lemmon.  It was memorable and I wanted to share the experience with Kim and my Mom.

The weather looked iffy, but held out most of the day and we had a nice time.  The great thing about the Desert Museum is that the theme is native – vegetation and plants.  Some common, others rare.  My favorite part was the raptor free flight they did with the Harris’ Hawks.  I had missed this back in 97′ for whatever reason, but we got lucky today. I will post some video on youtube, but basically they would swoop in right over our head to land on the falconers arm.  Very cool.  Here’s some pix from our day.





~ by Indy on February 21, 2007.

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