Andrew Kick-Bike Cruise

Andrew Kick-Bike Cruise, originally uploaded by eaelupus.

Not quite 2 and he is getting it down. I was worried when I bought the strider 2 months ago he was too young, but he took to it right away and is picking up speed all the time.


~ by Indy on February 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Andrew Kick-Bike Cruise”

  1. Great, now there are two Ellicotts that are faster than me. Question is…which of you has the better sprint?

  2. That’s awesome… Sam saw one in REI the other week and was instantly clmbing on. i think he might be getting one when number 2 arrives.

  3. Hey Indy,

    you moron. Andrew is awesome and I want to meet him. How come you never keep in touch, you jokester. If you did, you would know that the Tressers and Arias Family have moved to Seattle. When are you moving out here. We’re all at Autum’s house right now! Where are you guys! Give me a call dude 631-219-3452.

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