My Shenandoah Mountain 100 History

2002- 9:26, 24th place.  Wet behind the ears, eyes wide open, and totally clueless what I was getting into. Rode my steel ht KHS.  No disc brakes.  V’s all the way.

2003- 9:45, 55th place.  Drank too much the night before trying to make friends and hang with the “rock stars”.  Went for repeat binge after finishing and ended up on my hands and knees puking at 3am.  Lesson learned.  Still on the KHS.

2004- no race.  A little thing called my wedding got in the way.

2005- 9:10, 33rd place.  Riding the Trek Fuel 80.  Tore my rear tire sidewall coming down the Cookie trail and hit aid station #1 dead last.  Took it easy from there and it paid off with my fastest time yet.  Lesson learned.

2006- 9:35, 49th place.  Rode strong from the start.  In fact, outside my league.  Suspected something was amiss when I was riding with and later dropped (temporarily) Matt Lee (multi-time Continental Divide winner).  Cracked like a China doll on the hard right turn up to Aid #5 and crawled the rest of the way.  Lesson learned. Still on the Fuel.

2007- no race.  A minor injury (broken collarbone and scapula) got in the way.

2008- 9:27, 62nd place.  Got stuck behind the now famous “great moto start debacle bottleneck”.  Perhaps a good thing as I started slow and just rode to finish, posting a decent time.  Riding Cannondale Scalpel.

2009- no race.  Family visit of the child (mine) kind.

2010- 8:37, 48th place.  Felt like poop much of the day, especially the first 40-50 miles but my legs came around a bit eventually.  Rode the single speed which forced my hand: put up or shut up – I chose the former and posted my fastest time yet.  SS all the way.

~ by Indy on September 9, 2010.

One Response to “My Shenandoah Mountain 100 History”

  1. Dude you are rocking it! Hoping to ride it next year.

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