Father’s Day Hoo-Ha

Kim, Drew, and I stayed at the Pocosin cabin in Shenandoah National Park over the weekend.  Owned and operated by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, Pocosin is one of about 2 dozen cabins up, down, and near the AT run by PATC.  The cabin is stocked with utentisils, pans, plates, glasses, bunks and mattresses, Coleman stove (sans fuel), etc.  It’s clean and kept up, in part by the diligence of the campers who restock fire wood, sweep up, and so on.

Sunday morning we got up, had breakfast, and raced down to Keezletown for the Massanutten Hoo-Ha, part of the US Cup Triple Crown. I realized the night before I left my camelback bladder in the freezer at home, but thankfully the organizers had ample water on the course.  So off I went at 9am with about 40 other nut jobs looking to race for about 4 hours in sweltering heat, technical rock gardens, steep climbs, and sweet-as-butter buff switchbacks.

Despite a laundry list of mechanicals (hey, it’s me and my MO):

  • 2 flats – the 2nd was actually the patch on the blown sidewall from last weeks flat giving out.  I got across the finish line and had a nice inner tube balloon sticking out of the sidewall.  Phew, that was close to a flat-trifecta.
  • My fork seized up about midway through the race and half way through its travel (i.e. I was way over the front end on the descents) – my arms, neck, and back were killing at the end.
  • Seat post slid down about 4cm on 3 occasions.

I still had a decent race – I finished in under 4 hours, took 2nd in the small single speed class, and 6th overall in the XXC class.  I felt great climbing (again rocking the 32×19) and finished feeling strong, albeit a bit beat up.  No major wrecks was a plus.

Now working on recovering for the midweek tune up and 12 hours of Cranky Monkey as a “guest rider” with one of the many DCMTB 3-man teams on Saturday.  After (and still) some issues (brain, back, sinus) I feel like my fitness is finally coming around.  If I can avoid hitting rocks or trees with my body I should be ok.


~ by Indy on June 22, 2010.

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