Hit the Stoopid 50 in PA on Sunday. Awesome event with great trails.  Just an incredible variety of trails with some flowing and smooth, others consisting of big boulders to get over, rooty-muddy-and slick sections, and of course the proverbial rock garden-baby head sections.  Mix in some steep fire road climbs and the prescription was pain.

That was, until it started to rain just before go-time.  The prescription was revised to include an additional dose of pain in the form of crashing.  Nearly everyone I spoke with after had some off-the-bike time (i.e. bailed).  I crashed no less than 3 times.  First few were minor, although my scratches and bruises today would argue otherwise.  The last crash was the biggie.  A wicked (and by wicked I mean evil) descent at the end of the race (maybe 1 or 2 miles left) was slick and my arms were uber-fatigued.  I was cursing my way down and went ass-over-elbows and crushed myself.  Enough adrenaline was pumping to get back on and ride to the end.  My quads cramped at one point when I tried to stand so riding was better.  I showed a fellow racer what I had not actually seen myself yet and he replied “Dude! I think you broke your elbow”.

Well, not exactly. Doubt I could ride in such a condition.  But my bursa sac was ready for a game of tennis.

I was happy with how I rode overall.  I lost time with a few crashes (my 2nd crash was immediately followed by another racer crashing behind me.  He was much worse off (handlebar to the spleen) so I stopped to offer assistance or at least moral support) and  when a good 10+ minutes after I  tore my rear tire sidewall on a super fast descent.  But after some time off the bike I was happy to be putting in some solid hours and technical riding.  I was killing it on the fire road climbs (32×19 was perfect gearing), but my high end still sucks (i.e. ultra-steep, short, single track stuff).

Next up – Massanutten Hoo Ha.  We’re staying here the night before.  Can’t wait.


~ by Indy on June 15, 2010.

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