Weekend Sun

What a great weekend of sun-filled activities.

Raced my single speed at Patapsco state park on Saturday.  Took 3rd.  A fun place to race.  Good competition.  And I felt not-to-shabby.  My back is a bit wrecked though.  Kim and Drew came along for the day.  Downside was that although we planned on doing some hiking and then heading to Ellicott City for lunch Drew wasn’t feeling good so we headed home.  102.6F fever turns out.

Rode for a bit with on Sunday morning.  2 Flats before leaving the house couldn’t stop me from getting some fresh air.  Another 10 minutes of headset adjustment once I met up with Judd, Matt, Dave and we were on our way.  Picked up Raul near Rockville Pike and had a nice paceline.  I turned around early and headed home.

Went to the Farmer’s Market with Kim and Drew.  Shared my apple (rather he absconded it) and then went for some play time at one of the many parks in TP.

Finished the weekend with a bit of q’ing at Judd and Sonja’s new pad.


~ by Indy on March 22, 2010.

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