More in store

Tuesday-Wednesday:  5-10″ of more snow.  Holy cow.

We had snow in early December (capital cx was a snowy, muddy mess).  That was between 4-8″.

December 19-20th: 16-28″…maybe more in places.

Then we had scattered snow storms in January.  In fact, last Saturday (January 30th) we had about 4″.  Then mid-week we got another 6″.  Then, Snowmageddon:  Revenge of Snowapocalypse.  28″ in Takoma Park.

So I put the DC area snowfall for 09-10 at somewhere between 30″ and 10937″…truly historic.

Rode RCP again yesterday.  Roads were slushy in some places, clear in others, and icy in yet other places.  And that was just getting there.  Unfortunately the plowing the park service did Saturday – which yielded a nice 2-4 inch snow surface to ride in was now clear.  Maybe they continued to plow, added salt, or just albedo took its natural course.  In any case, most of Beach Drive was clear – so not nearly as much fun.  That said it was still a challenege to navigate the roads to/from Rock Creek and a beautiful day in the sun.


~ by Indy on February 8, 2010.

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