Climate Change is a Hoax

Not really, but with all the hype and hoopla surrounding the IPCC and the cold, snowy winter the east coast is having it is an argument that is en vogue.

Here are some other potential reasons:

UPDATE:  Given Mike’s whirlwind comment let me clarify that what I am talking about here.  First, the line above should say “Not really” instead of “No really”.  Shows how a simple typo (a missing “t” in this case) and change the whole interpretation of a ranting like this.  Second, what I was seeking to explain is why we in the Mid-Atlantic are having a rough (i.e. cold and snowy) winter and how this is relevant (or not) to global climate change, anthropogenic or natural.  Of course to think the latter is just ridiculous…it’s physics man…put this much shit in the atmosphere for this long (lets call this period the industriocene – I just made that up, but don’t poach it) and things will slip out of equilibrium.  Sure Earth will sort things out…by getting rid of us.

1) El Niño – we are now in an El Niño phase which often brings wet conditions to the southwest, south, and then could mean more precipitation for us in the DC region emanating from the south – not the usual vector storms follow that hit us.

2) AO – the Arctic Oscillation is in a negative phase bringing higher than normal pressure over the polar region and lower than normal pressure for regions south of 45 degrees.  Basic meteorology dictates wind – in this case cold arctic wind – will flow from high to low pressure and so the middle portions and east coast of the US have been hit with cold air injection periodically this winter.  Mostly in December, with a short reprieve in mid January, and may fluctuate all winter.

3.  NAO – the North Atlantic Oscillation fluctuates from year to year it also has a tendency to remain in a particular phase for several years.  The NAO, like the two oscillations above can exhibit a strong influence over east coast US weather and, as the chart shows below indicates we are in a negative phase.

So before you sell off your Prius, solar panels, and carbon trading stock keep in mind that climate is dynamic.  Things will not change (i.e. warm) in a linear fashion.


~ by Indy on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “Climate Change is a Hoax”

  1. How does all this jive with the current milankovitch cycle? When I was studying at UMD in the Geography Gept. with guys like coastal geomorph. Dr. S. Leatherman and Geomorph. Dr. M. Kearney who studied coastal marsh accretion rates academia was just getting over its infatuation with the belated coming due appointed end of the current holocene glacial interlude. In the vernacular of the time “global warming” was being predicted and posited based on human consumption of hydrocarbons. My graduate studies took my from the study of the spatial distribution of earthly entities to Anthropology the study of the conjurers themselves. I took a particular interest in the peopling of the americas studied from a cultural ecological perspective. The time period involved in this is from the extreme late terminal pleistocene epoch and the holocene lets say 15,000 years of reasonanbly reliable widely accepted archaeological evidence. I became familiar with V. Carbone’s seminal work for the Shenandoah Valley in developing a paleoclimatic record for this period. This work has been replicated and added to across much of north america now and did indeed itself draw on plenty of earlier work to create an episodic model of holocene climatic change for the Shenandoah Valley. Of particular interest has always been the atlantic episosde which is also termed the holocene climatic optimum, hypsisthermal, holocene altitherm and was characterixed by a holocene xerothermic optimum peaking approx. 5,500 yrs BP. Cessation of the atlantic episode was marked by dramatic slowing of sea level rise and is marked by the approximate position of the current Cheaspeake bay and the current plains prarie position of the middle north american continent. I am not sure of the state of volcanism during the middle holocene, which can put many more greenhouse gases in the atmosphere much quicker than humans can in ten years now i’d imagine, to explain this climatic optimum or what glacial coring has revealed about the atmosphere during this time indeed I am bit out of practice. I also know when you go deeper into history not only are there a series of pleistocene glaciations and warmer interludes but when you further consider the pliocene, miocene, eocene etc. going back 10’s of millions of years and consider that coastal plain sediments are deposited across the region to just north of college park and in the tysons corner area how warm was it then? and yes I know all about how loading of the crust by sediments and glaciers can affect relative sea level but I’d guess it was warm when the beach was in college park and cold when ocean city was still 150 miles short of the coast. what does it all mean I am not sure but more politics and a fair dose of myopia I’d imagine. We can talk about it some time over a beer(it take a couple), or a campfire and can beans or a few miles on the road doing some LSD since we are teammates now or whenever. I am always reluctant to get into these discussions because there is just so much to relate to just get started. I mean it takes me more than five sentences anyways. Sorry I can’t edit this.


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