Posting has been intermittent.  Joining face book only adds more confusion, options, and utlimately procrastination to post either place.

Last weekend.  Nice long ride with buddies.  Cliff Bar got flats like it was his job.  First time we all had to have an intervention to prevent Cliff from trying to patch his tube.  Come on.  Save that crap for a rainy day and lets get going.  Then, he starts pumping his tire up with a rinky-dink hand pump.  Really?  Needless to say, low tire pressure from said pump = More flats.

Time was a limiting factor and he and I broke off from the group (Bucksbee, Fifediddy, Robbin, etc) to head for shelter.  My plan was to meet Kim and Drew at Great Falls.  She would go for a run and I would continue riding with Drew in the Burley along the tow path.

BUT, Kim’s sense of direction and resistance to reviewing a map before going somewhere resulted in her landing in the Virgina Great Falls park…not Maryland.  So I spent an hour of riding around waiting for her and then time at Starbucks to warm up.

We hit the reset button and met up.  OK, 2pm and we’re off.  The tow path was sloppier than I expected and I need to batten the hatches down for Drew because he was getting some mud back spray.  This didn’t get in the way, and probably enhanced, of his fun.

Kim had a good run and is looking forward to more days like this – all of us together getting to enjoy the weather and exercise.  Me too.  Drew too.

Sunday – ride in the rain.  Met up with Darren, Gwadz (M), John, and Raul – the DCMTB crew.  Ran into Robb and later Ian.  It was a cold, soaking ride – but fun and we did a good job, mostly out of the need to stay warm, of keeping a steady pace.

This Week – MODIS/VIIRS science team meeting downtown.  Start of the new semester for teaching (Land Use, Climate, and Sustainability).  Work.  This all meant a stressful week running downtown to L’Enfant for the  meeting and back to teach on Tuesday and Thursday.  Couple that with poor sleeping because Drew has been sick all week and up a bunch at night and by yesterday I was beat.  I showed up at the meeting in the morning and needed to leave by 10:30 to get back to College Park on the metro to teach.

Migraine.  Hits meet just as I arrive at the meeting – 8:30.  I suffered.  It relented before classes but I was “off” the rest of the day and into the evening.  I can’t explain, other than fatigue why I got it.  I didn’t ride once this week (a planned/forced week off the bike) – could that be it?  Doubt it, but not much else comes to mind.

~ by Indy on January 29, 2010.

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  1. Good riding with you, I got blown out the back. I was soaked afterwards. Funny thing was VA didn’t get rain until afternoon.

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