A1 Douchebag – Carlos Bertonatti

When are we going to stop at 3 strikes?  Apparently 41 strikes wasn’t enough.  Maybe 42 (and killing a cyclist) will finally pull the plug on this asshole.



~ by Indy on January 20, 2010.

One Response to “A1 Douchebag – Carlos Bertonatti”

  1. Carlos Bertonatti’s version of the song “Perfect Picture” was almost the Theme Song for Kirstie Alleys A & E TV show Big Life.
    until he killed an innocent victim

    Carlos performed his song on Kirstie Alley Twitterthon (aquathon 2009) a on-line 24 hour twitter charity event,that raised $28,000

    Ms Alley announced on the Twittethon that Carlos’ song would be used on the upcoming show during that event.

    until the tragedy happened.
    when Carlos recklessly took Christophe Le Canne’s life.
    the people in charge decided to use the song
    despite awful tragedy.
    instead of finding another song.
    the Show had to rush to re-record the songs vocals with another artist a “Yogi Lonich” to distance themselves from this scandal,.. they should have dumped the song immediately!

    whoever made the decision with Kirstie Alley’s show,were idiots,more concerned with the TV show than an innocent mans life.
    Kirstie considered Carlos a close friend. until the accident.
    now hes just bad press for Ms Alley.

    Carlos is set to make a lot of money from the song as it stands,with the association to the TV show. with the songwriting credit.

    it stands to reason that every penny he makes from the song,goes to Christophe surviving family members.and not defense lawyers.

    I am sure his lawyers know he will be receiving a big fat check for the song soon.

    here is Carlo’s version of the song,its exactly the same arrangement with a different vocalist


    the money should go to the victims family and not this Douchebags Lawyers!

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