Getting in plenty of trail time lately.  Rode a cold, snowy Patapsco last Saturday with Matty, Wheaton, and Klasmeier.  Wheaton and Klasmeier had already ridden for 2 hours with Nystrom and Seibold by the time Matty and I joined at 9am.  That’s some dedication (or mild retardation).

The trails were awesome.  Cold and compact snow made for grippy conditions.  Some places were a bit icy underneath, but otherwise it was near perfect given the snow we’ve had.

Rode at Laurel Hills in Lorton again on Sunday.  It was wicked cold (and windy).  Colder than the day before.  I arrived at the trails  solo at 9am and it was 18 degrees…probably 0 with the windchill.  Once I got moving for a bit I warmed up, but it was a fine line between staying warm and getting too warm, sweating, and then getting chilled.  2 hours of this icy-hot dance and I was done.

Rounded out the trifecta with a midweek afternoon/evening gallop at Rosaryville.  The trails were in great condition – far better than I expected.  Mostly dry, a few spots with light snow or ice, and very few spots with mud – although those sections were sketchy – I nearly smacked my face against a tree when my back got squirrley and sideways on me.


~ by Indy on January 13, 2010.

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