Tasting Salt

Its been cold for 6 weeks.  By cold, I mean below average high temperatures nearly everyday.  That might not be bad, in say Arizona or Florida (actually it has been cold in the latter), but here it means braving daily temps near and below freezing with wind chills which drive the temperatures into the teens and single digits.  Not as bad as this ,  but still cold all the same.  Just 2 years ago it was 78F this day (January 8th, 2008).  Is it too late to stop climate action and bring back global warming?

Commuting has been pretty good though, in large part because of the gear.  These two additions, a result of a gift certificate award to the Bike Lane, have paid dividends.

The PI barrier stuff is warm, water and wind proof, and comfortable.  Overkill for most (average) days in the DC metro area, but lately they have been getting their due.

This mornings commute was nice in the winter postcard sense despite the taste of salt for much of the ride.  Most streets were clear and I avoided the bike paths, which continue to be riddled with patches of black ice (no need to repeat last year’s crash). But crossing into PG (Poor George) County I was faced with unsalted, un-plowed, icy-snowy streets.  I got sideways a few times, but managed to stay upright.  Perhaps a good reason for this is another weapon in my commuting arsenal…Continental’s Top Contact.  Dual-compound for good grip and lifespan.


~ by Indy on January 8, 2010.

One Response to “Tasting Salt”

  1. If those are the same booties you put on my feet when we trekked to Sligo Park – they worked very well and I was grateful for them.
    As for me, I’ll take the “frigid” AZ mornings of 38/40 degrees and bask in the afternoon highs of 68/70…perfect!

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