Back to the Grind

New Years eve was pretty mellow.  A nice dinner, some beer, champagne, and friends.  I didn’t drink too much which turns out was a good thing because I accepted Matt’s call for demo help the next day.

First day of 2010 and I rode to his house, helped prep the foyer for damage control, and then Matt, Judd, and I went to town on the ceiling.  Demolition is dirty, nasty work, but offers adolescent fun smashing and tearing dry wall and lathe.

After, Kim, Drew, and I went to Patapsco for a hike and then to Woodberry Kitchen in Baltimore.  We had heard about Woodberry on a cooking show special in which various cooking/chef tv personalities listed their favorite desserts.  The chef from Charm City Cakes (and tv show, Ace of Cakes) Duff Goldman gave such an enticing review of the CMP (for chocolate, marshmallow, and peanuts) that Kim and I decided we had to go at some point.   Our take on the CMP, and Woodberry overall:  Excellent.  Great atmosphere, service, food, and the CMP was awesome.  It must be 1000 calories – too rich for Kim – but lucky for her I was willing to finish hers too.

Saturday was brutal, weather-wise.  I don’t even know what the temperature was, but it hurt.  The wind was really driving the temps down.  So, Fife’s invite to mountain bike sounded perfect – get off the road and into the woods.  However I had been commuting on my mtb to get jiggy on the icy-dicey paths and fully expected that the poor girl had had a seizure of sorts from the snow, ice, and snot.  Not so.  So off to ride.

I was a little skeptical of Lorton, VA mountain biking.  The Laurel Hill trails are in and around an old prison compound and were designed and built  minimize impact (i.e. erosion).  I imagined some boring, often paved, over-planned suburban trail system.  Not so, again.

The trails were fast, rolling, twisty, and generally fun.  Nothing really technical, but if you want to go fast this is a good place.  And it drains really well, so no mud baths (and subsequently no guilt for destroying trails).

As you can see cold weather gear was the order of the day – and it worked.  I think all of us were toasty after the first prologue loop.  Hopefully we’ll keep this weekend group mtb’ing alive.  Riding alone is fun, sort of, but company usually makes it better.

Sunday – Kim’s parents visited for the day (or rather half-day).  It was nice to see them and for them to see Drew.  They brought him some well timed cold weather clothing. Drew wearing Grandpa’s hat…

After they left Kim and I went down to the national building museum.  This place is perfect for kids, especially on a cold, blustery winter day.  There are tons of things for Drew to destroy/build.  Lots of open space to crawl and explore.  And a fountain – which he bee-lined for every chance he got.

So today it was back to work.  A cold ride in and hours of trying to make science happen followed by a slightly warmer (32 – wind chill = teens?) ride home.  Tomorrow: Repeat.


~ by Indy on January 4, 2010.

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