Everything (racing) Is Over

Capital Cross this past Sunday – last race of ’09.  Went better than expected – which wasn’t much.  Mud and snow: Isn’t that the way a December cross race should be?  Epic indeed.  I finished 7th and had a great dual with Chris.  Bastard rode smoothly the last lap while I started to fall apart and make mistakes.  He nipped me at the line.  Damn him.  But I am happy given how the end of November went…

Totally effed up my last two MABRA CX races and fell from 2nd overall in the Elite Masters to 6th.  MABRA champs I pretty much imploded.  Good start.  Crashed, sitting fourth, before lap 1 was over and went backwards the rest of the race.  I had the same shifting issues I am sure everyone else had, difference was, my brain was unwilling to overlook this and focus on racing.  Couple that with my effed up back seizing after hitting the deck, which resulted in my legs generating geriatric quality power, and I was a waste.  Came very close several times to throwing in the towel.

Actually, I had sabotaged my race before it even started.  Taking advantage of the holiday week I got some extra riding time in – 3 days straight of hard efforts before Sunday’s race.  This was retarded.  I hadn’t ridden 4 days straight since May (mountain biking Memorial Day weekend).

My back on the other hand has just been a curse.  A total nuisance since crashing at Kelley Acres hopping over the logs.  One bad hop, hit the deck, and my left side back and IT band have been nagging me  since.  Arghh.  Massages, ice, heat, baths, gels, balms (and no one can tell what a balm is going to do) – nothing has relieved the pain.  I even resorted once to punching my IT band to get it to stop agitating me – like a lunatic.

Next prescription – Rest.  Ah, rest.

CX season was a blast and I did better than I expected.  I had some reasonable consistency and descent form, especially given the short season of summer racing and 3 hours a week of training this fall.


~ by Indy on December 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Everything (racing) Is Over”

  1. Great racing with you…that was fun! I appreciate you “waiting for me” after I had been gapped. 😉 You had a really solid season. Nice job.

  2. I did the same thing, tripped on a barrier at Charm City during my second race (lazy legs) which seemed pretty harmless other than losing like 10 spots instantly. The last lap of the race all hell broke loose in my lower right side. Missed 4 races, tons of money on massage, lots of ice, and not much riding. The only thing that made it better was yoga twice a week.

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