Scrub A Dub

Had to wash the disappointment from yesterday’s race off…literally (the poop smelling mud) and figuratively.  A good race on Saturday saw me finish 3rd in a 3-up battle.  I was bummed my gears were misfiring in the last muddy sections which caused me to get gapped, but I was satisfied I felt strong and hoped Sunday would bring another good result.

I should have paid better attention to those shifting problems.  In fact, the problem in the rear is new, but throwing the chain in the front has been going on for the past week +.  I throw into, and over, the big ring.  Unaware for a split second as to what has happened I keep pedaling and the chain gets wrapped around the crank arm and jammed between the chain ring.  See the banner here for an example.

An issue, indeed, but no biggie if commuting or on the trainer.  Slow or stop and remove the chain.  Mid-race = disaster and stress.  Twice yesterday I had this problem.  The second time required me to flip the bike over and rip on the chain like I was hauling in a tuna.  Couple that with the incessant skipping in the rear and my day of frustration was complete.

So to shake it off I had a beer(s), burgers, and a bath with my boy.  It was a clarifying moment – like a priority adjustment intervention.  Hard to remain down when your 8 month old is having a blast just splashing water with you.


~ by Indy on November 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “Scrub A Dub”

  1. Love that little tush!

  2. Include more pictures of you in the tub, please.

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