I am biased (since I have many friends on DCMTB), but DCCX is my favorite cross race and I think argueable the best of the MABRA series.

Great venue.  Great course.  Great beer and food (free – hard to beat).  Great weather the past 3 years and the late October timing means the fall foliage is near peak.  Just a fun atmosphere with great racing.

IMG_0620 IMG_1167 IMG_1172 IMG_1176

Matt working reg – Rider warming up – Eary racing starts – Drew ready for some CX

IMG_0624 IMG_1174 IMG_1164

More babies, Chip and Addie – some cat 4 racing – Pooch working hard (trying to stay warm)

Some pix from the Killer Bs (cat 3/4).  Props to Matty for finishing 13th after promoting this race and working his arse off the past few weeks (and especially the last 2 days).

IMG_1181 IMG_1183 IMG_1188

Kyle (3rd) – Matt (13th) – Fife (25th)

IMG_1190 IMG_1194 IMG_1197

Fife chasing Matt – Steven (8th) – Judd (20th)

IMG_0621 IMG_0623

Venue headquarters (i.e. beer) – Fife and Judd practicing post race recovery (boozing)


~ by Indy on October 26, 2009.

2 Responses to “DCCX”

  1. Thanks for all your pre-race help. Also, congratulations on the fine result too.

  2. you had a great race….

    there was all sorts of excitement at the front of your race
    and you were a part of it

    I snapped some sweet shots of you

    some on the blog
    others on facebook

    it was a good day all around!

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