Pumpkin Pickin and Racin

A fun weekend spent with Arlene, Mike, and Noah Munoz.  Kim, Drew, I joined them for some pumpkin picking and when the weather turned foul we headed to Leesburg for some great pizza and beer.  Drew was enamored with Noah.  He really likes to grab things and stuff them in his mouth and Noah’s lush hair was just too enticing to ignore.  Luckily, Noah can walk and was able to shuck-and-jive away from Drew’s grab-hands.

Raced Sunday at NCVC’s Ed Sander Cross.  Perfect kind of cross conditions – sloppy, peanut butter stuff.  Got to cheer a lot of friends on and finished my race with some good brew.


~ by Indy on September 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pumpkin Pickin and Racin”

  1. I couldn’t stick around to watch, but congratulations on 3rd place yesterday

  2. Evan, great time this past weekend with the two fams and congrats on the third place finish. BTW, after I boarded the plane, I realized we never brewed the American Cream Ale…next time.

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