CM #3

Appropriately, at the 3rd Cranky Monkey I got 3rd in the single speed class.

3rd. Not so great. Legs were total crap. I think that a massage on Friday was a bad idea – or at least getting deep tissue 2 days before a race was.  I nice “flushing” massage would have been much better. Like weight lifting, it takes 2 days for the effects to really be felt.

Started off with the same culprits. We dropped 1 guy (Ethan who won at Fountainhead) and then it was 2. Same guy who wins a lot of these SS races (Jason Beckely). I went around him to pick up the pace as 3rd (now Thomas Mackey) was chasing us down. Missed a turn b/c I was following the old course. Chased Jason, but was losing ground as my legs started feeling like cement. It kind of felt like my brakes were stuck. Turns out (although this was minor in comparison to my legs) that I had overtightened the chain with the EBB so it was causing some resistance and a lot of noise. Also turns out an 18 tooth cog was a bad idea. I should have used the 20t I had run at Fountainhead. I was straining on some climbs.  Excuses, excuses.  Really, I just had a bad day.  Happens.  No flats though.

Anyway, Thomas caught and blew past me like I was standing still. I turned over my right shoulder to see if he was coming and he was already passing me on my left. No time to react and he was gone. I recovered some on the 2nd lap and managed my losses – but suffered all the same.


~ by Indy on August 24, 2009.

One Response to “CM #3”

  1. Well I would sitting pretty with a third it is all perspective. Evan is the SS guy guy now it seems.

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