Went to Matt’s last night to bottle his Kolsch.  We transfered his Belgian-style wheat beer to 2nd fermentation as well.  This one stands to be strong based on the sips we poached while making the transfer to the 2nd carboy.

Matt knows I like to drink so helping out seems like a perfect way to earn some beer (he sent me packing with a 6’er) and get me jump-started on the brewing.

I am a rookie to this brewing stuff.  I brewed a porter with my brother-in-law in San Diego way back when (10 years?) and picked up some basics – but his process was using all-grain and it was an all day affair.  This allowed plenty of time to drink and so the details were mostly lost on what I was helping do.

Faster forward.  I’ve been itching to try my hand and Matt has the experience, supplies, and ample space (i.e. a basement with a wash sink).  He and his buddy Brian have talked about starting a brewing collective and I am sold.  Basically, everyone buys supplies to make a batch.  We all help brew, bottle, clean, etc. and all reap the rewards.

Here’s my contribution – just ordered.  Bring on Cyclocross (just registered for Charm City).

Houblonmonstre Tripel IPA

filling belgian wheat transfer

stock piling

beers and gears


~ by Indy on August 12, 2009.

2 Responses to “Beer”

  1. i just got my houblonmontre tripel kit from northern brewer yesterday… we’ll have to compare batches.

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