2 is better


Extra 20″ monitor “laying” around.  Our IT guy buys Dell stuff like a junkie.  He must have a relative at Dell he is getting comps for.  I am not one for frivilous consumption so a new monitor didn’t seem necessary, but two monitors is always better than one.  I could get a dualie set up of 2-20″ers side-by-side, but this works for me.  No need for a lonely 20″ monitor to gather dust in the corner.

Speaking of frivilous consumption…no new cross bike for me this year.  Gonna continue to rock my 2003 Gunnar Crosshairs.


Bought 3/4″ pvc piping and elbow, coupling, and T joints at HD this morning.  Time to make some DIY barriers and getting crackin on my practice.


~ by Indy on August 6, 2009.

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