Did the Cranky Monkey (#1 of 3) at Wakefield on Sunday.  Long and short of it…effing slow leak (again) and 2nd place single speed.

Got a good start and was drafting in 3rd heading towards our turn off into the single track.  A quick look over my shoulder showed we 3 had a big gap already.  Into the woods and the young buck leading over cooked the first hard corner and Jason Beckley and I passed.  Never saw the kid again.  Beckley meanwhile was railing the single track, his downhill skills putting on a demonstration of what “fluid” means.  I’d get gapped and chase back on.  Upside was it felt easy to close the gap down.  But 18 miles of that would start to strain so the plan was to wait him out and see if he faded any.  Maybe pass him on a climb later in the race.

Never got that far.  About 3/4 of the way through the first 6 mile loop, just as we were coming off the powerline rollers, I felt my front end drag through a turn.  It did it again when we ducked into the woods.  F!  My front tire was going flat.  Again.  (Note:  I’m done with tubeless – for now.  I say that all the time).  I tried to stay close and remain a bit cautious, but eventually – like the W@W race, the tire rolled out on a corner and I hit the deck.  Hard.  Jason was gone.  I remounted and almost took a digger again on a rolling chicane.  I stopped and filled it with CO2, but lost a bunch of time.

That was pretty much my race.  I stopped 3 more times to fill the front tire (And tighten both front and rear skewers too?!?).  Only time it was dicey was on the start of the 2nd lap – having stopped for the 2nd time to fill the tire with air – I could tell 3rd place was catching up to me, but I never saw the rider get closer and eventually I settled into a secure 2nd place with time to breath and stop and fill the tire 2 more times.

Post race rant: To the Latitude expert-class rider I had to pass twice (see air refill above for reason), you’re a dick.  Twice I asked this jerk-off to give me some room to pass.  Politely.  I waited.  No response so I asked again.  No response – physically or verbally.  I finally, in both cases, had to just cut my way by.  Next time, you slow piece of shit, move.  Jim (race organizer) made a point of this before the race started.  If you’re getting passed – the rider asks to get around – let them go by.  I understand that timing is important (i.e. the current situation coming around a tight turn may not be good, so wait until a bit of a straightaway), but at least acknowledge that you heard and will comply with the rider behind you.  The 2nd time I rang my bell – said “just letting you know I’m back here.  Single speeder.  Can I get by before this next climb.”  Nothing.

Nothing = Dick.


~ by Indy on July 28, 2009.

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