W @ W

Quick and dirty.
Not sure how I finished up.

I figured I would ride like poop given time away in OZ (i.e. lack of riding/exercise) and a stomach bug I took home as a souvenir. So my excuse list was stacked.

I got a call up? And on “go” chased Mike Pearce into 2nd place. I was suprised I had anything to offer – and soon enough Mike showed me it wasn’t enough as he started to ride away near the end of the first lap.

He flatted. Now I’m in first?? I rail a corner too hard, burp my tire, and hit the deck. Recompose myself and get going. But the tire is 1/3 full and I am rolling it in each turn.

I ride like Grandma for a while and see I am going to get caught by the chase. I finally decide, after nearly hitting the deck for the nth time, to give the tire some CO2 and watch as 1, then 2 more, then more riders blow by.

Guess I should have hit the CO2 earlier and given myself more time to chase back on. Starting the last lap (3) I see the once former leader (first guy to blow by me) has a front flat. I comment that first place must be cursed – 3 different riders all with front flats (*see below).

I chase for the rest of the lap but catch no one.

– can’t believe I didn’t puke or poop (see bug comment).
– felt better than expected, but legs hurt by the end.
– had a blast. I love single track.
– Stan’s Raven tires are fast, but a bit dodgy in the corners.

First place flat hex:
I stuck around to watch the expert race and heckle Matty D for being a fat, slow, drunk and saw Jared Nieters killing it. He had a big gap on Matt Bailey – who usually destroys all at these expert W@W races – BUT Jared got a front flat on the last lap.



~ by Indy on July 16, 2009.

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