Good Day From the Bush

Satellite connection to the interwebs. Field campaign is going well. Lots of burning, measurements, helicopter flights, and vegemite.

Huge fire planned today…chopper out to the site. Light up and watch the show.

No crocs, luckily. Haven’t seen any kangaroos or wallabies, but lots of cool looking/sounding birds and big spiders. Great swimming holes too.

Bush plane out tomorrow back to Darwin.

~ by Indy on July 5, 2009.

One Response to “Good Day From the Bush”

  1. I heard talk of Vegemite when I was in AUS. Is it like Boveril? But then you don’t know what that is, do you? Have kept in touch w/your little family. Drew and his Mommy were stepping out last evening to attend 4th of July BBQ at Matt & Katie’s house, I believe. Kim is missing you a lot. I hope her sister’s visit will be fun for both of them and helpful for Andrew as he will be solo w/Nanny tomorrow. I’m certain he’ll do better than Kim.

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