After a lot of air time I got to Darwin around 2:45pm Monday.  We could see some fires from the plane and later met with folks participating in the field campaign and saw more fires across the bay from where we had dinner.

Its been hot and going to be a bit hotter inland where we will conduct the field experiments.  Word is 34C, or 93F.  Luckily there is a river adjacent to our camp – and reportedly free of crocodiles.  Good thing because a 4.5 meter (~15 feet) croc was spotted on the beach Monday (“He’s back” was the newspaper headline).

We are taking a charter flight this afternoon to Western Arnhem land and I’ll be in the bush for a week.  Pictures and reports to come.

Some pix from dinner site.

boat bay fires across the bay

smoky sunset sunset


~ by Indy on June 30, 2009.

One Response to “Darwin”

  1. “In the bush for a week”, Wow! Instaed of calling out “Mr Bear?
    it will be “Mr Croc, where are you?” I don’t know why I was surprised by the 93 degree temps. Guess because it is officially winter in Australia, I thought it would be cooler (not cold, but cool). Were those prescribed fires across the bay?

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