Down to OZ

Leave tonight for Darwin, Australia.

5 hours to LA

14.5 hours to Sydney

4 hours to Darwin.

1 hour flight to field site.

I made the investment in compression stockings.  Super HOT.


So why go to OZ?  To burn.

Aussies ratified the Kyoto Protocol and must account for their greenhouse gas emissions (GHG).  Since wildland fires are a significant source of GHGs in Australia they require scrutiny and management.  So, research is on (and has been for the past few years) to better understand the frequency, seasonality, intensity, and management of northern territory fires – the predominant source of fires in Australia.  More info here.

Some folks running the research (many from Charles Darwin University) invited several yankees to join the “party”.


~ by Indy on June 27, 2009.

One Response to “Down to OZ”

  1. Hopefully, you have arrived safely in OZ! Like Dorothy you will be in a state of confusion. Crowded planes and far too many hours of torture in a small seat w/no leg room (glad you got the stockings…nice legs!)various time zones, lousy airport food, etc…will leave you a bit shell shocked, delierious and cranky.
    When you begin to feel more alert, take advantage of the opportunity you have been presented. Fascinating reserch and wonderful scenery. Did you happen to spot the Opera House or
    Sydney Harbor from the the air? I know you will not get time to visit Sydney but you definitely will see the Outback! Keep us posted. I’ll e-mail Kim often to see how she and Andrew are doing without you.

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