There have been some nasty crashes lately in our local races.  Specifically Scotsman busted his c-bone (again, other side, 2nd broken in about 8 months) at the Tour de W’ville.  This was apparently the result of the moto-official posting on the side of the road.  The side which the race was on!  Rookie move (by the official) in my opinion.  Get on the other side of the road, the yellow line, or off the road all together.  I say apparently because I wasn’t there.  I haven’t raced since…since… damn, sometime in the fall on the cross rig.  In any case, I got the details from Steven regarding his wreck.  He got some video from Bryan Vaughn that pretty clearly shows the ref was in the wrong.

Along those lines is this…

Which is making for some tasty discussion.  Did Bos mean to take down Impey.  No, probably not.  The single complaint by other riders is to that you never take your hands off the bar in a sprint.  True, I guess.  I’m never that close to the line to worry about sprinting.  But I have seen guys push riders who are drifting into their line – even with say 400m to go – which appears to be the case here.  Sort of.  A couple of repeat viewings makes it look like Bos was actually trying to pass Impey on the inside, even pulling a modified Madison move or something.  Right or wrong (mostly all wrong whatever the excuse) sucks for Impey.  Two broken vertebrae?  Damn.


~ by Indy on April 22, 2009.

One Response to “OUCH!”

  1. And Impey finished the race some 20′ later. Check out the longer video of the finish (last 8k) – that is some hairy racing.

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