Birds are chirping.  Temperatures are rising.  Spring is approaching  (notwithstanding recent snowfall).

You can easily spot the cyclists who haven’t ventured outside much this winter.  They’re the ones yesterday who were bundled up and looking reading to rob a bank – still wearing balaclavas despite the 65 F temp ?!  Seriously – I saw a guy in Rock Creek wearing a face mask ??

On my afternoon ride I had stripped off arm warmers, knee warmers, and vest.   Back to the “regular” cycling costume of warm weather.  It was akin to coming out of a crystalis.  A weight unburdened by months of winter clothing.

The shocking part?  Me.  If you see a guy wearing a Bike Doctor kit who looks like Teen Wolf don’t be scared.  It’s just me.



~ by Indy on March 7, 2009.

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