Bell Curve

With all the baby material I’ve been reading and the pictures I’ve seen in anticipation of this


I’ve been thinking how a human’s life is like a bell curve.  We start and finish in nearly similar phases of bodily function, mental capacity, eating behavior (e.g. gumming food), and wrinkly skin texture.  If we’re “lucky” we “bow out” before  nearing the asymptote – a state of being unable to care for ourselves as we get old, much like a baby.  In the middle, the peak.  The pinnacle of our life.  This peak can be skewed by whatever goals and achievements one has in life.  An athlete, for example, would see the peak earlier in life.  A scholar, likely past the median age.  Actors, perhaps in their 30s and 40s.  Musicians, depending on genre, probably in their early 20s.

Then as the peak starts to drop out from under us we ride a gentle (hopefully) slope to the end of our existence.  Morid?  No, just reality.  Anticipation of our baby has me feeling a bit introspective I suppose.  I hope he/she likes taking care of two old farts in about 50 years.


~ by Indy on February 28, 2009.

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