Too much

My blogging, like my bike riding, is falling off the radar.  Here’s a crammed effort to redeem myself.  If only I could do the same for riding.

Saturday.  Did the 7am ride.  Felt like crap.  Rode like crap.  Got dropped on Brickyard when I suddenly reverted to 8th grade and had a minor asthma attack.  I chased forever and finally caught the group back near the TPC golf course.  My legs were fried.  WTF happened?

Sunday.  Crack o’ smack food shopping with hopes of fitting in a ride later.  Big breakfast after.  More food shopping at the Farmer’s market.  Home repairs.  Home repairs.  Work.  No ride.  But…

Burns Supper at the Royal Mile Pub.  I love Ian’s restaurant and with all the familiar faces, the festive environment (thanks Ian, Steven, and Judd), and great food I was happy as a pig in shit.  Subsequently, I got wrecked.  Sunday night and I am wasted.  2 Loose Canons, 2 Holy Sheets, Guinness, whiskey = drunky.  I was busting out my Irish brogue like I’d just stepped off the boat…drunk of course.

Monday.  Hang over.  That’s been awhile.  Guess I got way too into the whole Gaelic roots thing.  Painting.  Window repairs (new sill, caulking, paint).  More cleaning.  Building baby apparatuses…this baby thing requires prep work for sure.  I’ve got more plastic in my living room now (high-seat, baby swing, pack-n’-play) than an LA modelling office.

Tuesday.  Doctor appointment with Kim.  Baby is rockin’ out.  Kim’s belly is resembling an over-sized basketball.  T-minus 3.75 weeks to go.   Review session for my class.  I gave an hour overview of 4 chapters to my 200 students.  I hope they don’t let me (and themselves) down.  Trainer ride in the evening  for an hour.  Crush myself in hopes that I can resurrect some fitness before the weekend when I’ll get spanked again.  No real pressure since my race season fitness won’t likely develop any fangs until July – when, by the way, I am scheduled to go to Australia for fire related field research.  So maybe I should bump that form-thingy to cross season.

Wednesday – blah, blah, blah.

Today.  Road the CCT this morning in the rain doing tempo-LT.  Jackasses abound on that path.  Speaking of which…here’s my list of jackasses in order of assedness.

Bus Drivers – effing fools.  I saw a woman driver lay on the horn for someone in the crosswalk…uh, the peds have the right away.  There are too many cases of jackass moves by these jerkoffs to mention.  One honorary mention is the SCHOOLbus driver I saw with cellie in one hand making a turn and barely able to do so with one hand without plowing into other cars.  Genious.

Cabbies.  What can I say.  Totally oblvious to the rules of the road and indignant to other vehicles, especially cyclists.  So I guess the hate is mutual.

Commuter traffic.  We all know this one, but had to add it anyway.  Saw a woman this morning cut off another driver at a 4-way stop who had the right away.  The woman was filling in some document on the steering wheel while “driving”.  Brilliant.  My suggestion she put down the document fell on deaf ears.

Ped/Running traffic.  Most are ok, but very often I pass folks (like this morning, surprise) that don’t respond when I let them know I am passing on there left.  Just give me some recognition that you heard me.  They may not even move over (just a little, please) – either because they too are indignant (like one particular jackass this morning) to cyclists on the paths (perhaps with good reason, see next category) or because they are bump’n to Justin Timberlake (I know, I’m out of touch) on their Ipod and didn’t hear me.  Of particular dispise is the runners on the weekend in Rock Creek Park who run down the center of the road.  Pick a fucking side.  Oh, sorry, I didn’t realize this was your road.

Cyclists.  Let’s be honest, most are retards on the road and paths.   Especially the latter.  I saw so many jackass moves this morning as dingbats race down the path to the city.  No wonder (a) a speed limit was designated on the CCT and (b) the ped/runner traffic hates us.  Be considerate you effing morons.

Phew – I feel a little better.


~ by Indy on February 19, 2009.

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