One more thing…

WTF Freddie? What are you throwing your bike for?



~ by Indy on February 19, 2009.

5 Responses to “One more thing…”

  1. perhaps he is in the running for the overall sprints jersey?

  2. He’s not. He’s 20th in the points. And even if he were in 2nd in the points, why the hell throw your bike with 5 bike lengths to the line? Keeping stomping.

  3. Australia? When will that happen? Hope this baby arrives sooner rather than later – you are far too uptight!

  4. Your probably right about the uptight thing. To Oz first week of July to burn stuff and measure it. Maybe kick it for a day or two in Sydney on the way home, but with baby back home (then about 3+ months old) I can’t afford to lallygag.

  5. I wonder how much extra cash he made for that one place.
    That photo finish may be right on the line – if there’s a gap between finishers, they sometimes show the stragglers at the finish line

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