Physical Therapy

I don’t much like doctors. Lately, this has been a reoccurring problem. My pursuit to become a doctor, of the PhD form, has led to stress, which leads to migraine/stress headaches. This leads my wife to insist I see a doctor (of the MD form). I have come to realize they know barely more, if any, than their well-informed patients and their poorly trained (in manners) and underpaid staff makes my stress levels elevate.

My injuries and ailments reads like a laundry list. Living with constant discomfort from injury induced imbalances in joints, ligaments, and muscles has led me, like anyone else, to seek sage advice from Dr. InterWeb. It is wise to take what you read online with a grain of salt, but generally you can discern interweb-monkey-blabber-fiction from fact.

Point is, doctors, PhD, MD, DDS (Todd), know just about the same as a well educated plumber – the difference is they pretend to know more and posture themselves with grand aloofness because they have an alphabet soup after their name.

This does not account for the misinformed, poorly educated, or generally stupid plumbers (and every other profession) out there. These individuals will speak with a similar certainty despite limited brain function and capacity and spew advice to anyone that listens.

Be aware, discerning between dummies and smarties is often tricky business.

Point of all this. Don’t be afraid to listen to your body and (hopefully) your ability to distinguish good advice from bad.

Following my own advice (probably bad advice at that), I saw a massage therapist yesterday and my chiro. The MT worked me over. Bellissimo! My right side was wrecked from last weeks crash and I was surprised how badly my hip flexor and IT band was jacked up. It took a 105lb Asian woman laying her pint sized elbow into my thigh to clearly demonstrated I was effed up more than I knew. It was a truly eye watering experience. UNCLE!


~ by Indy on February 12, 2009.

5 Responses to “Physical Therapy”

  1. what are your thoughts on barbers?

  2. Don’t mess with guys with straight razors and scissors. Agree with them and walk away happy they didn’t slit your throat

  3. I’m a DMD…we’re way smarter than those DDS losers.

  4. From my recent experiences…I know my symptoms/body better than the doctors as they only listen to me for 20 minutes or so and try to make a decision on treatment. 99% of the time, I tell them what it is and what the treatment will probably be. Of course they can’t always agree right away and will perform tests to verify or send me to a specialist who will agree with me. Of course there are the times when they are truly baffled and cannot give me an answer and say that the tests are false positives. Bottom line, I spend more money and come away with my original diagnosis and treatment. Too bad, I can’t prescribe my own medicines.

  5. Sounds like you’ve had some bad experiences with the medical profession. I think it is like any profession there are good and bad people, with good and bad personal skills.

    A couple of bad apples don’t spoil the bunch as they say.

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