Random (and belated) thoughts on CX Worlds

I watched the Elite Women cyclocross world championships this morning on the trainer. Here’s my recap:

Katie Compton gets a huge gap early – looks like she’s going to win.

German national champ Hanaka Kuper-something-or-other motorpaces herself and Marianna Vos up to Compton as Compton starts to crack from the effort.

Compton often goes back to the front, only to fall off again briefly, and come back. They call that “yo-yo’ing” kids. She also wastes energy pulling at times despite the aforementioned yo-yo’ing.

Vos never, NOT ONCE, goes to the front to take a pull. When in between Compton and the Kraut she shows off her track instincts by constantly checking her right shoulder. It gets annoying.

Last lap, final stretch and Hank Kumpernagle moves over as to not lead out.

Finally Vos feels wind in her face. Checks her shoulder (surprise?) several times and then punches it out of the final turn to win convincingly.

Lesson learned? Bide your time. Don’t work. And open a can of sprint-ass on your comp. Like it or not, it worked for Vos. I am too impatient (read: stupid) to follow this approach. Must be her track background.


~ by Indy on February 5, 2009.

One Response to “Random (and belated) thoughts on CX Worlds”

  1. Must be your testosterone.

    I mean, look at all that facial hair!

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