Modern Day Lynching

Anyone listen to Morning Edition on NPR today? What an effed up story about being wrongfully accused of rape.

The gist:

1985:  Young, white Texas Tech girl is raped by chain-smoking black man. Cops arrest young, asthmatic, non-smoking black man with a rock solid alibi.

Young woman is convinced this is the guy. Prosecutors and Jury are too and Timothy Cole goes off to prison.

Another inmate hears him crying about his wrongful sentence. The other inmate is THE real rapist (Jerry Wayne Johnson). He waits 10 years until the statute of limitations runs out to confess.

1995:  The Lubbock, TX DA and District Court ignore his confession. Meanwhile, Cole has passed out twice and been revived at hospitals due to the inadequacy of care for his asthmatic condition.

1999:  Cole is found unconscious. He dies before getting to the hospital.

2007:  Lubbock, Texas DA and courts finally test DNA and prove Cole was not the rapist.

2009:  2 YEARS AFTER the DNA proof, Lubbock still HAS NOT exonerated Cole!

The full story


~ by Indy on February 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “Modern Day Lynching”

  1. I heard that this morning. WHat was really bad was that the DA absolutely ignored the guy in prison. Just goes to show you that witness accounts in rape are not lock tight, the poor victim tends to believe what the cops tell her, that this is your guy. Then they convince themself that its true. Cause why would the cop say it if it wasnt true?
    How awful for the family of Mr. Cole that the justice system in Texas still wont do right by them.

  2. Boy, this is what America is really like. The woman whom identified him as a rapist should die in prison and forever remember into Hell what she did. She is rotten now in her body and will rot in the grave with her soul still in her body and forever rot in the burning fires of Hell along with everyone that had any part of torturing this child to death. Remember you bastards about the scripture on harming a little one? Suffer the damnation of Hell fire!

  3. I am a Canadian and I disagree with the previous message saying “this is what America is like.” A terrible thing happened to this man, and an investigation should be done to determine if overzealous prosecutors are responsible and learn from the mistakes that were made here. In no way is America as such to blame. The overwhelming majority of Americans would cringe and detest such miscarriages of justice and would mourn with this man’s grieving family. Americans will do the right thing. I grew up right next to them and consider them my friends. And I don’t have evil friends

  4. Why is it, prosecuters are THE last people on earth to admit a mistake, especially when ones life is on the line? I see all these shows that prove guys are innocent by no means. DNA, evidence that had been withheld, confessions even, and they fight to the death (literally) to keep these people in, and not have the judge review evidence. I find the arrogance infuriating. Including judges too, who refuse retrials. They whine about no room in jails, while some innocents rot.

  5. Floyd – easy tiger. The girl was traumatized emotionally and physically, and as Karen mentioned above, likely was “convinced” by the cops and DA that they had the right guy. After all, she was attacked at night, at knife-point, and violently assaulted. Her memory was certainly clouded. But Hell Fire? Come on. Get off your righteous soap box and join the rest of us who are capable of making mistakes AND capable of forgiving. After all, isn’t that what religion (your reference to the scriptures implies you are on a religious bent here) is about? Tolerance and forgiveness? Finally…

    Matt 7:1 “judge not lest ye be judged”

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