Black Ice

It’s getting dangerous out there my friends.

F*ing hit the deck hard this morning. I forgot the spots where I had noticed black ice last night riding home and paid for it. Mostly didn’t even think about the ice before it happened because of the nice layer of fluff covering it up. When I took a closer look at where I went down the expanse of ice on which I crashed was huge. I’m surprised I didn’t crash about 10 feet earlier.

Now I’m at my desk icing my right hip and popping Vitamin I.

Not much else to say. Busy trying to get papers published and finish this PhD thingy.

Kim is mucho prego.  Less than 6 weeks to Mommy and Daddy designations kick into full effect.  Holy SH*T!

Riding is on/off. Last weekend was nice. Team ride with Bike Doctor and then warm weather ride on Sunday with DCMTB and some others (e.g. NCVC).

Time for coffee.


~ by Indy on February 4, 2009.

2 Responses to “Black Ice”

  1. yes if it is cold it is dangerous

  2. […] were clear and I avoided the bike paths, which continue to be riddled with patches of black ice (no need to repeat last year’s crash). But crossing into PG (Poor George) County I was faced with unsalted, un-plowed, icy-snowy […]

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