Not the beer – personal best record for commute. I wasn’t trying (or rather I wasn’t planning) to drill it, but a 30mph tailwind helps and sticking with traffic on University Blvd helps motivate.

In other commuting news (I know this crap isn’t interesting but it’s all I’ve got) my headlamp battery went dead again on me last night. I have a Nite Rider HID which is like having the Death Star ray on my head – when it works it is super bright. I just keep skipping on the charging part and am left with my cute little blinky light to avoid crashing in the darkness. The interesting part is that when I knew the light was going to die on me (it gives off some trippie colors before crapping out – presumably to warn the errant rider) I started to drill it home in some pathetic attempt to outrun the light’s, and potentially my own, death.


~ by Indy on January 15, 2009.

One Response to “PBR”

  1. I have a Nite Rider HID too. And you are correct about it being a very bright. I mount mine on the handle bar. The on/off button changes color to let you know its gonna crap out. You probably cant see that if it’s on your helmet. I remember calling my wife to come get me one night when mine crapped out. I never ran out again.

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