I felt like this hike-back-from-springs
on this morning’s ride (I love that pic). The ice had me puckered like a prune if you catch my meaning.

The concern about black ice was exaggerated by the front end of my bike feeling “loose”.  I thought it was my headset, which, it turns out needed tightening too, but was actually my front wheel about to fall out of the drops. Turns out I didn’t really tighten the skewer after cleaning the bike the other day.
Nice Rookie.

After that the ground seemed more stable and the dark pavement not so much like black ice. Although my fear of black ice isn’t completely unfounded…I hit the deck last year on the 7am ride on black ice.

Speaking of fear, it’s a good motivator.

On my commute home last night I heard something in the bushes along my route. Typically it’s deer about to bound out necessitating some dogfighting maneuvers, but last night it was a dog. A big one. Actually I don’t know how big. I heard the beast begin to snarl/bark and chase. For a moment I thought “oh, hi doggie” as I am a sucker for pooches. But this spawn of hell was invisible in the blackness of night. Truly a demonic animal that seemed the least bit interested in my friendly outreach. The brief moment of canid love was over and the sprint was on. Not a false start, it was GO. My love for dogs was shoved to the side by my fear of a torn ankle by some unknown creature from the pits of the abyss.

It was probably a poodle (but, it wasn’t).


~ by Indy on January 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fear”

  1. how fast can you even go with an 800 watt jump?

  2. A dog attack is a good time to use the karate kick…unlike when I’m riding near you.

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