Kim and I went into “the city” yesterday for some holiday mojo.  Sounds ironic to go to Manhattan to pick up some holiday spirit given this is one of, if not the most agro places on earth.  But we were not to be dissuaded from our excitement by oblivious tourists, pushy salesman, angry cabies, or stressed out yorkers.

We hit Planet Kids on E 86th to check out baby stuff.  The staff was stellar and showed us all the bells and whistles, pro and cons, and price tags.  JHC!  $899 for a stroller?!

We then walked over to the park.  I had a dirty water dog and Kim a pretzel.  From Kim’s reaction below you can tell she made the wrong choice.  We wandered the icy park for a bit.  Then strolled south.  Kim started to fade so we jumped into a chocolate shop for some coffee and sweets.  Next we hit a pub for a pint (Kim’s poison was water).  Our tourist impersonation would not be complete without a visit to the Rock and Tree and a shuffle and bump through Times Square.  I have never been to the latter for New Year celebrating – luckily I got that right.  I don’t deal well with crowds and although today I was in good spirits I had enough by the time we hit 42nd and jumped on the subway.

Off to Battery Park, the ferry, and back to S.I.  A nice, tiring day.


~ by Indy on December 24, 2008.

One Response to “NYC”

  1. Angry cabbies, yokel tourists, stressed out yorkers aside – it’s still one of the most exciting cities around the holidays!!
    I have many, many, many fond memories of Central Park as a child.
    Phoenix may have South Mountain Park in the middle of the city, but what an oasis the city fathers of old created for the residents of a crowded city like NY to enjoy for free.

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