Kim hit the spa yesterday. A good time relaxing and recharging. I went skiing.

Now, Whistler Blackcomb is hands down the biggest (in terms of acreage and close on vertical) resort in North America (>8100 acres), but I have yet to go there. So Sunshine Village may be the biggest for me so far. Killington, VT is small (1215 ac), but has descent vertical for back east (3050′). Sugarbush, VT has over 3x the area (4000+), but weaker vertical (2600). Snowbowl, AZ has a 2000′ vert and not much acreage, but there is lots of out of bounds stuff which adds vertical and area and deep pow (when they get it).  Plus, topping out at 11,500′ with a view of the north rim of the Grand Canyon is amazing.  Utah, dope.  No doubt.  But I haven’t hit anything but Park City so I don’t have a good feel for it.  Kirkwood gets a ton of snow with ok acreage (2300) and vert (2000).  Certainly the terrain (steep and diverse) plays into each of these.

For brevity, looking at last year’s few ski trips to this one…
Okemo, VT and Sunapee, NH – no discussion needed. Great trips. Fun skiing with friends and good conditions, but just not the same as out west.
Crystal Mtn, WA – steep stuff. Good snow, good acreage (2600) and good vertical (3100′). Plus, the view from the top is incredible.

Sunshine Village – 3300+ acres. 3500+ vertical. Average snowfall of 33 feet.

It was really cold, but has warmed up since Monday (about 4F at the base).  I was pretty wasted from 2 days of hiking and couldn’t muster a worthy performance, but it was all a lot of fun.  Even if I was flalling about like a fish out of water.


~ by Indy on December 18, 2008.

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