Braving It

Kim and I went to Lake Louise.  What a view.  But we lasted no more than 5 minutes.  Seriously.  It was so cold.  We took in the view and then bolted for the car.



When we got back to town in had warmed up from -42F in the morning and -30 at Lake Louise to a balmy -18F.  Kim wanted coffee so I decided to do another hike.  This time up Tunnel Mountain which sits in the center of Banff and offers great panoramic views of town and the surrounding mountains and valleys.

Again, I hustled to stay warm, but didn’t jog like yesterday because I didn’t want to sweat and get cold.  It took an hour round trip and was well worth it.  I was rewarded with some cappuccino and cookies hanging with prego mago in a local coffee joint.

tunnel-mtn-28 bow-river-valley-from-tunnel-mtn banff-from-tunnel-mtn

congrats-tunnel-mtn pine-atop-tunnel-mtn view-from-tunnel-mtn


~ by Indy on December 17, 2008.

2 Responses to “Braving It”

  1. When you guys get back you will be wearing shorts and tank tops wondering what we are all complaining about.

  2. Ok. But have you gone skiing yet?!?!

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