This is not a drill


I got up early and hit the gym and indoor hotub.  I then went for a quick dip in the outdoor pool.  That first step I thought I was going to collapse from the shock of the cold air.  I nearly slipped and broke my neck trying to get down the steps and into the warm water before my limbs froze.  Through the haze of the condensing air above the water I saw 2 mulie bucks trying to stay warm about 10 feet from me.  Poor bastards.


~ by Indy on December 15, 2008.

2 Responses to “This is not a drill”

  1. Now there’s cold and then there is ice age cold…what was that about global warming? I’m glad the resort offers indoor ammenities like the spa but I’m thinking you will be eating and drinking a great deal. It always makes you hungry when you have to jog in place just to keep your limbs from freezing. Love the “gray” beard. You look a great deal like your cousin Kevin in those photos. His beard is quite gray now. Snuggle up to a fireplace….catch up on naps. Was that really -42?

  2. That’s pretty damn cold.

    Reminds me of when the sox got Matsuzaka, and the Herald’s headline read: The Dice-man cometh.

    Enjoy the trip.

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