Iceman Cometh

This is what an hour hike in -18F will do.  This is after jogging up the trail to stay warm.  After checking out the springs, and all the people looking toasty in the warm water, I hustled back to the trailhead and ran back down.


This is how I looked back on the trail and nearing the hotel.  I knew I must have looked funny because my eyelashes were obstructing my vision a little.  The stares I got back on the hotel grounds confirmed my suspicions.



~ by Indy on December 14, 2008.

3 Responses to “Iceman Cometh”

  1. That is freaking awesome. I wonder if the peach fuzz I grow on my face would do anything like what you got.

  2. Love it! My favorite cold weather activity is sitting in a hot tub with icicles forming in the hair and beard. Looks like an awesome trip!

  3. Love it!

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