Cold in Canada

Arrived in Calgary to falling snow.  We opted for the upgrade to a 4×4 which was a good move.  I am surprised that, (a) Canadians aren’t very good drivers in the snow.  Like most, they either drive way too fast (which appears to be positively correlated with the size of their vehicle), and (b) the DOT isn’t good with snow either.  In other words, they don’t do a good job of plowing.  It took us nearly an hour to drive about 12 miles just to get from the airport to the city limits.  I assumed the Canucks knew how to handle these conditions?

Nevertheless, we arrived safely and in conditions that we had actually hoped for.  It was dumping.  However, the weather is going to be “bitterly” cold (per, tv forecasts, etc).  In fact, 6:30am and it’s -20C (-4F).  Good day for us to snowshoe a bit, then hit the spa.

Some pix of our drive, the inside and outside of the hotel, and some random x-mas characters circling the lobby.

Oh, and speaking of random – as we drove back to the hotel last night from downtown a HUGE buck mule deer was trotting down the on-coming lane.  He got to the other end of the small bridge that goes over the Bow River and then launched off the side into the darkness.


~ by Indy on December 13, 2008.

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