Todd, Judd, and I went mountain biking at Rosaryville on Saturday.  Judd crashed.  He was doing well considering he probably hasn’t mtb’d in a few years and was never very good when he did (ouch).  Well his confidence got the better of him and the trail made him pay.  Word is xrays are still inconclusive, but pain meds and muscle relaxants are being consumed.  Todd suffered the T-day side effects and pulled up the rear.  Maybe just too much bird and booze on T-day (not Todd day, although I guess it could be for him).

todd-retrieving judd-suffering Todd retrieving Judd’s bike about 20 feet below where Judd was sitting in pain.

todd-on-log todd-aborting Todd starting with some skills, then trying to kill me for mocking him.

e-on-log Cat-like.


~ by Indy on December 2, 2008.

One Response to “mtb’ing”

  1. Next Time I’m gonna start with the Strawberry-Banana Gu, then switch to the Bluberry-pomegranate Roctane. That ought to do the trick!

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