Sunday Sunday Sunday

Races.  Kim and I met Judd, Sonja, and Steph down at the Key Bridge to cheer Drew on as he ran the Marine Corp Marathon.  He kicked ass and finished in 3:34.  Damn.

Eventually we all headed over to the DCCX (read the race report).  City Bikes put on an epic event.  A new standard in cyclocross races.  Free beer, frites, dutch pancakes, healthy pastries by Sticky Fingers, and more.  The crowds were huge.  The cowbells were ringing.  It was a ton of fun and the weather was beautiful (unlike that crapfest on Saturday).

Matty thinking about race event logistics – not his impending pain

Robb and Fife with game-face poses on.  Dorks.

Ian, looking for a hockey fight.

Matt and Judd getting ready for go.

Killer B lineup

Fife in 2nd near the start.  Cream Puff would fade.

Matt near the front early.  By the end he was riding like Barbara.

Robb (cracked like China) with Kyle and Judd (aka Nancy) behind him.

Mike Esmonde is a blur racing to the keg.

Judd showing off his “hanger” post-race.

My race was disappointing, but still fun.  DNF’d in the Masters elite with a front flat.  Then DNF’d in the Elite with a double flat after doing a little showboating jump off the hill leading to the barriers.  Came down and burped the tires.  Then hit the deck in the 180 turn and lost what was left of the air.  Nonetheless, a great day hanging out with friends.


~ by Indy on October 27, 2008.

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