Seattle Bound?

I’ve mentioned it before.  I really like that place and would move there without much persuasion.  Luckily, Kim likes it too.  In fact, she works out there a lot.  By “a lot”, I mean usually 1 week of every month.  We’ve talked about the trans-American relocation scheme before.

She asked today… “so, do you want to move to Seattle?”  Kim is very (and I mean very) pragmatic.  So if she asks she’s serious.  Awesome.  Let’s go.  I am a bit more, uh, willy-nilly I guess.  I picked up and moved to Flagstaff, AZ after only visiting there for 3 days to see some homies.  It was a great move.  Life is about chance, changes, and exploring.

Serious discussions will occur when she returns from Seattle on Friday.  I’ve got to finish this little PhD thing by December and get a job (something I had lined up here at UMD, if only temporally).  She has this little thing called a baby due in March.  But our time frames could be January or July, tentatively.  So I’ll be skiing or biking in Washington (I hope) next year.  Sweet.


~ by Indy on October 7, 2008.

One Response to “Seattle Bound?”

  1. Exciting times for you guys! We will be bummed to see you go, but it makes sense knowing all of the factors involved. In terms of outdoor opportunities, clearly a good move.

    I like “she has this little thing called a baby due in March.” Nice- it’s her’s eh? no involvement from you? 😉

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