America…Heck, you’re stupid

I think it’s great that since expectations were low for Palin in the debate last night, but she didn’t implode, that it was a victory.  JHC!  Not looking stupid is not a win.  We need substance.  Listen, I don’t want a “main streeter” being the VP, let alone the Prez.

American dream my ass…not just anyone can lead this country.  I can’t do it.  You can’t do it.  99.9% of the idiots in this country can’t.  Being Governor of Alaska for 2 years is not enough to have “been there, done that” as one jackass puts it in the video below.  I would argue AK is an isolated political atmosphere when compared with McCain’s, Obama’s, and Biden’s experience in the U.S. Senate.

Why do Americans still buy into the “dumb-as-you” approach to addressing the populous that Bush takes?  I’d like to use my life-line Katie – to call in an air raid on stupidus Americanus.

BTW, Frank (pollster in the video) polls show Biden won, for whatever that’s worth.  I’d also like to point out the irony of the focus group sitting in the Anheuser Busch HQ.

1. America’s iconic beer producer – a typical U.S. product – it’s shit.

2.  No longer a U.S. own company, AB was purchased by InBev in July.  A Brazilian-Belgium brewer with business ties with Cuba.  The Cuban part I don’t care about, but I would think many red-blooded American’s would find it hard to swallow that swill of a beer knowing that it was brewed with Castro’s $.


~ by Indy on October 3, 2008.

3 Responses to “America…Heck, you’re stupid”

  1. And particularly amusing considering my explanation of why I brought over that Budweiser American Ale. Funny that I brought that stuff over to be a bit tongue-in-cheek, but presumably Budweiser paid big money to get their name associated with something as Uh-meer-kin as presidential politics.

  2. I hate being the only one or first one replying to your postings. But man you are hitting the nail on the head, I am digging it. I totally agree once again with you. Too bad there is not more smart and level headed people like me and you around. Lets start a club of young angry white guys who want the world to do right. YAWG

  3. I really wish she would be called out on her High-School-Prom-Queen debate tactics.

    “Well, thear yaa goouu again, pointin’ toou tha paaest, is that the kind of change we need?”

    Biden went into the debate with his hands tied behind his back, while Sarah Palin had free-range to take all the cheap shots and non-responses she wanted. Can you imagine the reaction had Joe Biden spoke the way she did? I call double standard.

    Her response to the gay rights line of questioning was ATROCIOUS! She’s not a bad person AT ALL, I just can’t believe that ANYONE would buy it…the retard voters had their chance…TWICE…with a president who was “a real down-to-earth-person, just like me! ah-hyuck!”

    Also, if I hear “main street” and “wall street” used in the same PARAGRAPH together one more time, I’m going to to be so sick that I’ll have exploding shits all over the sidewalk.

    BTW, who’s the blonde haired FAG who spent too much time in the tanning bed? “I think she spoke to the PEOPLE, the AMERICAN PEOPLE, and she was direct.”

    Oh yeah? I thought she was speaking to the WHALES IN THE PACIFIC OCEAN! YOU ARE RIGHT!

    The whole “personal responsibility” ticks me off as well. The swing state voters who are always on the fence tend to be VERY working class, and unfortunately, pretty uneducated about politics, both domestic and international. They are always looking for the open arms of government to carry them to a better life, and are starstruck when Republicans offer them some BS on national television about what they will do to improve their lives. Unfortunately, trends show that Republican policy benefits go from the top down. Democrat politicians never seem to realize how they lose the poor-vote.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but Palin rubbed me the wrong way with an heir of arrogance and disrespect for what would be required of her.

    Maybe I’m just bitter that Ron Paul was overlooked for VP. He would have made it a helluva ticket.

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