Slippery Slope

Hi Folks.  Guess what…that little climate change problem, it’s not getting better anytime soon.  Naysayers, bury your heads – and hopefully suffocate.  To the rest of the public, time to change our habits.  Maybe having a kid now isn’t such a good idea.

Carbon Is Building Up in Atmosphere Faster Than Predicted

This ass-clown had this to say…

Connaughton argued that the Bush administration’s “major economies” meetings, a series of talks among both developed and rapidly industrializing nations, have moved the world closer toward achieving significant cuts in greenhouse gases because the group is developing a common measurement system for emissions and is exploring how different industrial sectors can commit to worldwide reductions.

That’s the problem…we keep talking.  Getting “closer” to achieving “significant cuts” by “exploring”.  What does that mean?  How close?  What is significant?  95% reduction?

No one is going to bail us out…no government, hippie-think tank, right-wing-free-market system, or martian invasion.  Actually, the last one might work.

Start doing something.

I highly recommend watching this entire video, but here’s the trailer…

Slide 7

Current emissions are tracking above the most intense fossil fuel scenario established by the IPCC SRES (2000), A1FI- A1 Fossil Fuel intensive; and moving away from stabilization scenarios of 450 ppm and 650 ppm.


~ by Indy on September 26, 2008.

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