Memories of Dan Quayle

Bring em’ back – the “chief grave robber in his state”.

Palin is dodging questions or is just being shielded by McCain.  Perhaps lessons learned from Danny Q.  But her foreign policy is strong.  After all, she can see Russia from her state.

Her environmental policy differs from McCain – that could be a problem.  She believes in taking adaptive actions rather than mitigating the causes.  Completely opposite to McCain’s approach.  In fact, she isn’t sure humans are even causing the changes they’re seeing in Alaska.

Maybe good reason to shield her.  I wonder if the McCain folks are wishing they could switch their vice-presidential nomination about now.

Perhaps Matt Damon is right – we should know more about her position on Dinosaurs (and I don’t mean on dinosaurs wise asses)

Biden is talking like a drunk. No surprise there.

The economy is strong according to 9% of the population.  This 9% is also drunk.

Let’s get drunk and invite Danny back to office.


~ by Indy on September 24, 2008.

One Response to “Memories of Dan Quayle”

  1. get drunk? now you are talking. Sunday…skins after cross? my crib? 47 inches of football sound good. eff the giants!!

    btw…matt damon is gay.

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