SM100 – belated report

I’ll keep this short.  9:27 was my time.  And it was a great time.  I’ve done this event now 5 times.  This time was my 3rd slowest/fastest.  But in terms of how I felt it was the best.  100% different than the last time in 2006 when I went out fast and died a slow, agonizing death for the last 30 miles.  My time then was only about 10 minutes slower, but the pain inflicted made that difference feel like hours.

This year I was SUPER conservative and cautious.  The memory of that said day 2 years ago still fresh in my mind.  Plus, I my fitness isn’t what it was then.  So I managed my effort early and it paid off big time.  I started pushing on the climbs after checkpoint 3 up Braley’s Pond/Ramseys Draft.  Then rode conservatively on the long haul section between #4 and the steep climb up to #5.  I started to push a little hard those last 5 miles of steep forest road up to 5, but held back some.  After 5, with 25 miles to go, I couldn’t believe how good I felt.  Total opposite of the last time.  Jed had put this portion of the race in perspective – “you’ve got 25 miles to go.  It’s like doing a cross country race after already riding for 75 miles”.  And I rode it like a XC race.  I was feeling so good I was getting on the pedals on the climbs and crushing the downhills.  I’ve never ridden Chesnut – the 7 mile downhill – so fast before.  Having energy, forearms that aren’t cramping, and clear vision tends to help.

So that’s it.  I rode like Barbara early and finished like Conan the Barbarian at the end.  Awesome feeling.


~ by Indy on September 12, 2008.

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