California Once Again Leading the Way

This was in The Post the other day.  Basically, the jist is that CA is looking to pass a bill that would emphasize developing higher density cities.  Sounds odd right?  High density in CA?  But la-la land is notorious for their sprawl and thus necessity for vehicle transportation.  In turn this leads to pollution – another of la-la lands best qualities.  California is the 12th largest emitter of Carbon in the World.  THE WORLD.  If everyone lived like Americans do. Consumed like we do. Polluted the way we do. And were generally apathetic they way we are, we would need 3 Earth’s to sustain our consumption.

CA has been at the forefront of climate change action in the U.S. and once again they are making strives to change the way we live.  Some might see this as the government meddling.  Guess what?  We need it because this country is full of selfish, self-absorbed, consuming whiners.

You want to know why jobs continue to go overseas?  Why all our stuff is made in China?  Because this country is full of fat, McDonald’s eating slobs, who continue to buy their shit at WalMart.  Bottom dollar prices for a reason – cause Lui Ming Do (14 years old) is making your shit for 20 cents an hour.

Stop bitching and do something people.  CA is making an attempt at least.

This election year is more important than we may yet realize.  The next ding-dong to sit in the big leather seat has to make some serious changes to the way we live because it appears we can’t / won’t do it ourselves.


~ by Indy on September 11, 2008.

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